Tuesday, 14 December 2010


It wasnt until 1963, Vogues first took note of Quant's designs, whuch was long after many of them had already been successfully sold. For example in 1960 the straight, sleeveless tunic with an atteched tiny, pleated skirt which was only thirty centimeters in length, the mini-length "Tent" dress and the short "Rex Harrison" cardigan dress made of Shetland tweed.

 The "Schoolgirl" and "Good Girl"looks created by Quant or more known as the "Lolita" necessitated new materials and accessories, including PVC to achieve a wet look for her raincoats. She created many new decorative patterns, such as her childlike daisy design which still remains the logo for Mary Quant today. Not only promoted a new hair stlye, a geometrical cut, flexibal that could be blown dry but also giving satchels long straps as aposed to the ladylike hand bags. The mini skirt also called for new underwear, from bodystockings, pantie gridles, tights, pantyhose, and the push up bra and suspender belt did not have a chance.

(Twiggy in one of Quant's designs)

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